Are You Woman? Let’s Hear You Roar! The Art and Soul of Public Speaking for Women

BE News   •   July 28, 2018

Woman holding a microphone

Public speaking – the very sound of those words can make the seemingly toughest person’s skin crawl. It can be feared by even the most extroverted person – and some say they would rather die than do it.

However, it is a skill that must be mastered by those who wish to share their message, level up their career or gain the confidence to speak up at meetings. This is a large part of building a personal brand. As such, it is especially important for women because we are unacceptably under-represented in both business and politics.

On July 31st I am bringing public speaking for women to Tigard, OR using the WomanSpeak method. The classes were designed just for women by WomanSpeak Founder, KC Baker. There are many of us who have experienced tragedy, or hard times, and have a story brewing inside that’s been aching to get out for years. Others may wish to speak out against the injustices happening today or earn that C-Suite position.

  • Do you wish you had the confidence to speak out and share your voice?

  • Is your message brewing inside of you, longing to come out – but you fear you aren’t skilled enough to speak it?

  • Do nerves get in your way when you need to talk to your boss or speak at a meeting?

The classes teach women techniques to shift the anxiety and uncertainty that can occur with public speaking. Participants will gain the ability to speak with ease and assurance. Activities include learning to speak on panels, telling mesmerizing stories and cultivating the ability to talk confidently in front of anyone.

For thousands of years, women were unable to enter the workforce as equals to men. We have acted from instinctual survival-based needs by fiercely competing with one another to attract a partner who could provide for us. While it’s no longer necessary, yet it hasn’t fostered a supportive environment among women. Ladies, you know what I’m talking about and it is a divide we must overcome if we expect to successfully move forward as a group. The power of sisterhood is exactly what WomanSpeak offers – a safe supportive environment where every woman’s voice is celebrated and heard.

I feel I must also state that this group is not about blame shaming men – all men are not the problem – every person must learn to speak up for what they want and learn to craft their message if they desire clear communication. I love and respect my father, brothers, husband and sons.

If you are in my area I ask that you join me at the Symposium Café in downtown Tigard on Tuesday, July 31st at 7pm for an introduction to WomanSpeak. If you are not in my area, I encourage you to seek out a circle in yours or start your own circle! Space is limited, and advance registration is required. To register for my circle or for more information visit my WomanSpeak website:

BE you, BE your brand – xoxo,

Keala Hill

Founder of BE is for Brand