Project Description

Art in the Burbs

A fundraiser for the arts in education


Television air time on KGW’s “Tonight with Cassidy”


Art in the Burbs is an annual juried art show that helps fund art programs for the 15 public schools in the Tigard-Tualatin School District. It is an event by the Foundation for Tigard Tualatin Schools, a 501(c)(3). As chairperson for the 20 person board, Keala brought focus to the messaging on ‘the importance of art in education’. Using video interviews, social media, television, radio, print and digital marketing – the message was weaved throughout the stories. Multiple surveys were conducted for deeper insight into attendee profiles, artists’ feedback and facility use. Furthermore, workflow needed to come under a single platform to improve board member digital communication.

  • Event, Marketing & Budget Management

  • Board Member & Meetings Leadership

  • Sponsorships & Promotions

  • In-person and email survey data collection

  • Executed Organizational Transition to GSuite for NonProfits

  • Social Media, Digital & Print Publications, Television, Radio

  • Grant Applications Update & Distribution

  • Sponsorship Package Update

The Show Overview


The problem: unclear messaging, the solution: video content. Keala conducted over a dozen video interviews, most of which were filmed specifically to include school district teachers, former students, Art in the Burbs artists and fellow board members. The content is being used to create videos for social media and to pull quotes for press releases and articles to promote the new messaging. The effort to spread awareness for Art in the Burbs’ cause is an ongoing project.

Video at the 2019 show, highlighting student artwork with Amanda Thorderson, School Contact board member and Keala Hill, Chairperson
First video edit from interviews with school teachers, former students and artists on the importance of art in education
Second video edit by Nathan Mallory from previous interviews

Sample Print Materials

2019 Art in the Burbs postcard graphic design and focused messaging content on the back of card

Sample Ads

KINK radio, Oregonian, FaceBook and Instagram ads

KINK Radio Ad Spot

Workflow & Staffing Management

The Problem: Frustration with multiple and inconsistent digital communication platforms
The Solution: GSuite for Non Profits

Transitioning the organization to the free GSuite for Non Profits allowed for mass cloud storage and improved data sharing and communication. Video tutorials were created and in-person instruction assisted the board members with the transition.

Inputting all past information for each board member role into the shared cloud drives is still a work in progress. The goal is to minimize knowledge gaps while on boarding new board members.

Other areas the GSuite transition will be beneficial in the future will be by utilizing Google Forms. In conjunction with the mass cloud storage that comes with GSuite for Non Profits, obtaining artists application submissions with the Google Forms will allow uploaded images to be stored directly in their shared drives. Free polls and surveys with this feature can also be utilized.

Innovative Staffing
Cost Savings
Improved Work Flow
Free Cloud Storage
The Problem: Needed Social Media Board Member
The Solution: Internship

Keala created an internship to add value to the role. It was shared on FaceBook using their job posting feature and resulted in finding a highly qualified student, from the school district, who had been trained in social media marketing at her high school.



Art in the Burbs 2019 grant totals will be released soon, pending application review.



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