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Falling Awake Coaching & Hypnosis

Branding, web and logo design


falling awake coaching and hypnosis logo design
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The concept for the logo was inspired by the owner’s admiration of the goose as a protector and the strong family unit their flocks are composed of, as well as the process a person experiences when awakening by the healing powers of hypnosis. The message is one of strength in togetherness and a beautiful awakening of spirit that is both gentle and powerful.


Falling Awake Coaching and Hypnosis owner, Cynthia Wisehart, needed help defining her brand, designing her logo and her online presence. She already had a business name, but wasn’t sure what direction to go in, to describe the somewhat abstract ideas she wanted to convey.

The concept inspiration, color palette and messaging were identified after a branding interview process. Vibrant rich jewel tones that pop from a crisp white backdrop were selected along with capturing the feeling of “falling awake” in the way a feather falls and a bird takes flight.

  • Personal & Business Branding

  • Website Design

  • Graphic Design



The Falling Awake Coaching and Hypnosis brand, graphics, messaging and website was built out over the course of two months. Education around social media best practice, privacy policy, terms of service and website use tutorials were also included. Other support services included social media graphics, continuity of brand across multiple channels and email marketing consulting.

  • Graphic Design

  • Website Design

  • Personal & Business Branding

  • Marketing and Digital Consulting

Website Design
Graphic Design
Personal & Business Branding
Marketing and Digital Consulting


The client and her audience find the messaging compelling and enjoy the blog content. Integrating CRM driven email marketing campaigns directly into the website is in the works.


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