Permanent Art Installation at Alberta Rider Elementary School in Tigard, Oregon


Video of Welcome Banners at Alberta Rider Elementary & other projects funded by the same organization


Alberta Rider Elementary in Tigard, Oregon needed help actualizing their concept for multicultural welcome flags in their main entry hall. A total of 24 languages were present within the school community that needed to be represented. Keala undertook extensive research on each language to incorporate a plant or animal which best represented that language. This 15 month project included obtaining buy-in from the school community through 3D mock-ups as well as asking for suggestions on image representation for each language through the school flyer and from attendees of the school’s cultural fair.

Banner Gallery



The Problem: Keala was given free rein to build out the entire project. As every Spider-Man fan knows, with great power, comes great responsibility. The careful navigation of a cultural project in the school was of utmost importance. The Solution: Keala conducted survey’s at the school’s cultural fair to get feedback from the community on what types of images they wanted on their language banner. She also built out a SketchUp 3D rendering of what the banners would look like in their main breezeway for participants to view and for the Principal to share with her staff.

The project was funded from multiple places, including Art Literacy funds from The Foundation for Tigard Tualatin Schools and the sale of cookbooks from a 5th grade class at the school’s cultural fair. Below, are a few digital versions of the banner images. 




Keala designed and installed the Welcome Language Banner art installation in the main hall of the school. Above are a handful of the banners created the colors of the rainbow were used and displayed in accordance to the order of which they occur in the rainbow. This was a volunteer project to the Hill Family’s children’s school.

Graphic Design


Community Buy-in

SketchUp Modeling

Print Solutions & Installation

  • Graphic Design 90% 90%
  • Research 99% 99%
  • Print Solutions & Installation 90% 90%
  • Community Buy-in 90% 90%


The project was well supported and received by families, school staff and school district personnel. One teacher was so moved that she had tears in her eyes when she saw her country represented.