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Dr. Kapua’s branding evolved from being her company name, Ahonui Psychological Services, to drkapua.com. With that face and that long business name URL, it was a fun and spot on way to brand this big hearted, professional. Being a psychology professional for over 16 years and a woman with a strong creative streak, she knew what she wanted in her website. We co-created her written copy and crafted the perfect look, feel and function for a warm and inviting website geared to attract her ideal patient.


Brilliantly Branded - Style & Strategy Guidebook


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Brand Style & Strategy Guidebook

The Problem: almost every business owner experiences this, FINALLY building out a marketing strategy, a plan… and then not remembering about it months later when you’re neck deep in work… spending more time with paperwork, than billing clients.
The Solution: Brand Style & Strategy Guidebook

Being a good business owner means keeping your eye on winning the long game. Knowing when it’s time to make changes and how to implement them without losing something, like your reputation for poor customer satisfaction. Being one of our Brilliantly Branded clients means investing in a Brand Style & Strategy Guidebook.

The guidebook not only outlines the details of your look, color palette, logo, fonts and use – the basics, but it also gives you a strategy with actions you can take to move your business forward successfully as it grows.

Sneak peek coming soon – check back for a look at our Style & Strategy Guidebook and learn how we can help you build your brand with intention and share your message with strategy.

Cover of Dr. Kapuaʻs Brand Style & Strategy Guidebook


The website has been converting qualified leads from site visitors to new patients! Dr. Kapua and network love her website and have said that it truly speaks to who she is on a professional and personal level.