A Shopify Website Build



Shots and Sprockets is a mobile bicycle repair company that travels to their clients to service their bicycles with a cup of complimentary, freshly roasted coffee. The owners came to us for an e-commerce website with scheduling capabilities. Building the site around a brand story of exemplary service that embraces the local Pacific Northwesterners love of outdoors and cycling was a priority to Shots and Sprockets owners.


Shopify - E-commerce Web Design


App Research and Testing


Brand Story Development

The Website



A functioning e-commerce site was designed in Shopify and a scheduling system that links to Google Calendar was put in place. The service pages were designed to function like independent products that can host a variety of images and even video for singular promotion. A live Instagram feed is in place at the bottom of the website to keep visitors in touch with what Shots and Sprockets are doing and where they will be when they are at events in their area. Other social media and communication tools were also integrated to maximize customer connection. Custom screen-share tutorials were recorded for client’s future reference to operate the website.
  • Shopify Website Design 100% 100%
  • App Testing & Research 90% 90%
  • Brand Story Development 95% 95%
  • Website Use Video Tutorials 100% 100%


The website has functioned as a main portal for scheduling appointments, processing sales and spreading their message successfully for over 3 years now. The company has been able to expand and open a brick-and-mortar store front with an online presence that has the ability to flex and meet their ever changing needs.